Countering FAKE INDIANS Website

You can never have peace in the Tribal community, always a fight, somewhere, usually by people you don't even know. Anyone who does their own research know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Ridgetop Shawnee have a wonderful, and TRUE, history. We don't have to fake anything, we are real. 

There are a couple of web rangers out there who wish to tarnish our name, well let them spew hatred and ignorance. The Ridgetop Shawnee are idle and will be for a while until someone, or a group, steps up and is willing to run the Tribe the right way. It is a shame that this organization is idle because of wannabes and power hungry individuals who wish to act out some Indian play or movie.

This isn't a movie, our people have real problems and in my 20 years in the State Tribal community I have yet to see one day where our people were unified in helping each other, that is not a lie and that is a shame.