Blackwolf Clan Southeastern Kentucky, Harlan, Whitley, Bell, Letcher, Knox, Leslie, Counties


The Blackwolf Clan Warriors Society have been an integral part of the Ridgetop Shawnee since conception some 20 years ago. The Blackwolf Clan is not, and has never been, associated with the Black Wolf Clan of the SECCI which is dissolved and has been since 2010. 

The modern history of the Blackwolf Clan Warriors Society actually began in 2004 when Wilma "Peaceful Heart" Bogg, (RIP) the former Chief of the Black Wolf Clan of the SECCI passed the torch to the Ridgetop Shawnee and our Warriors Society, which is named, of course, the Blackwolf Clan. 

She wished for us to carry the torch that she and so many others lit and carried over so many years in Harlan County. And I hope we have done her proud!!! We continue to carry on the tradition. 


Our goals are many but we realize that if a group only achieves one goal that group has done something special. We have tightened the grip on artifact hunting in and around Southeastern Kentucky, especially in Harlan County, KY, where the Ridgetop Shawnee, with the Blackwolf Clan leading the way, helped establish an anti artifact hunting county ordinance in 2006. 

The Blackwold Clan also helped develop the Harlan County Native American Site Protection Office under the executive order of the sitting County Judge Executive at that time, Joseph Grieshop.


Membership into the Blackwolf Clan is by invitation only. One must be a veteran of the United States Armed Forces but waivers to essential non veterans is possible but not likely. You can inquire about the Blackwolf Clan but you cannot request membership. If we don't ask we don't want you.