Artifact Hunters and Grave Robbers in Kentucky

It has come to our attention that the terrible practice of artifact hunting for profit, what we call grave robbing, has yet again experienced a boom of sorts in Eastern Kentucky. 

It is no surprise that in these challenging financial times that this sort of horrible practice would yet again blossom in this region. We truly are trying our best to be understanding and sympathetic to individuals and their situations. BUT we have to draw a line in the sand and rebuke those who take things too far. 

Unfortunately there is little we can do with regard to the law but we do have options. In years past action would be taken in other ways but those old ways are not an option. The Blackwolf Clan of the Ridgetop Shawnee are investigating reports as best they can but much more needs to be done. We can all but forget about receiving help from our elected officials in this region but we still hold on to a small grain of hope that one day a comprehensive law will be passed that bans this practice all together. 

Many of these people visit this site and our sister site (The Rural Democrat) for information on what we are doing. So if they read this they should know the the Watchers are out in force armed with video cameras and if we can prosecute just one to the fullest extent of the law (which would be the Antiquities Act in Kentucky) we will do so in short order. 

We call on all peoples of Native decent to put the word out on the street that this practice will no longer be tolerated and we call on Native peoples, of all bloods, in Eastern Kentucky to police their own backyards. We also make a plea to our people that they do not take action on their own. Let the authorities handle the situation. All we ask is that you contact us with as much information as possible using our email address 

Thank you, 
William Shackleford
Executive Tribal Manager